Krugerrands Sandton

Krugerrands Sandton – History and Reasons to Buy Gold Bullion

If you want to buy Krugerrands, Sandton will be a good start because the ISA Gold offices are located in the Sandton Towers. As reputable and Rand Refinery approved gold bullion traders, we supply a wide range of Krugerrands at affordable prices. However, you don’t have to visit Sandton for Krugerrands. You can use our online facility to locate the coins of choice, select your quantity and request the quote. Once payment has been made and cleared, we will confirm your choice of delivery or collection details. Read More »

Gold Bullion that is Affordable

Gold Bullion – Affordable Investment Vehicle for South Africans

No doubt, investor confidence in the South African Rand is dwindling, but the same can be said about investment confidence in just about any currency in the world. With the recent Greece economic and political crisis in the headlines, people now start to consider alternatives to currencies. With Bit Coins making headlines, many consider the virtual world as their safety barrier. However, it is still a currency system and if you really want to be safe from extreme currency fluctuations and gain a trustworthy hedge against inflation, then it is time to seek affordable means to own gold bullion.

A word of caution though – certificates of gold shares are not the same as having gold coins in hand to protect against possible currency collapses. When you thus seek a supplier whom you can buy affordable gold bullion from, look for one that enables you to take physical ownership. Read More »

The Easiest way to Buy Krugerrands

Buy Krugerrands – The Easiest Way to Protect Against Currency Fluctuations

ISA Gold makes it possible for you to buy Krugerrands the easiest way. Simply view the various coin weights, make your selection and buy. Our offices are located in Sandton Towers and you can thus take possession either through courier delivery, or by visiting us in person.

However, you will find many adverts stating the easiest way to buy Krugerrands, but to avoid being scammed or making a wrong decision, first read below to ensure that you make an informed buying decision. Read More »

Save – Buy Gold from ISA Gold

How to Save – Buy Gold from ISA Gold to Protect Against the Effects of Economic Instability

How to save – buy gold from ISA Gold as a trusted supplier of gold and silver bullion. At ISA Gold, we pride ourselves on our commitment to ethical conduct and endeavour to keep prices as low as possible. This means that you only pay a low premium above the gold price and can thus save right from the start. Read More »

Authentic Krugerrands for Sale

FAQ – Authentic Krugerrands for Sale through ISA Gold in South Africa

We’ve answered some of the frequently asked questions about the authentic Krugerrands for sale from us at ISA Gold in Sandton, South Africa.

What is the cost of investment in each Krugerrand?

The price depends on the size of the coin. The 1/10thoz is the smallest coin with the 1/4thoz the second smallest, the 1/2oz the second largest and the 1oz the largest size. The price quoted is affected by the Rand/Dollar exchange rate, as well the current gold price. You will pay a small premium above the current gold price. Read More »

Bullion – Gold Coins and Gold Bars for Sale

Understanding Adverts Stating “Bullion – Gold Coins and Bars for Sale”

You may have seen phrases such as “bullion – gold coins and bars for sale” on the internet and may have wondered how you could invest in bullion. ISA Gold is a trusted supplier of bullion in South Africa.  We’ve answered a few frequently asked questions below to help you make sense of phrases such as “bullion – gold coins and bars for sale.” Read More »

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Gold Bar Prices

Gold Bar Prices and Tips on Buying

Looking for the best gold bar prices? Look no further than ISA Gold in Sandton City, Johannesburg. We receive our gold bars from Rand Refinery, committed to procurement of gold for refinement from ethical and conflict-free sources and suppliers.

Gold bar prices are determined by factors such as weight and purity. However, if you have a substantial amount to invest, then gold bars will most certainly provide you with the security of tangible assets. Read More »

Krugerrands Johannesburg

Tips on Buying the Most Affordable Krugerrands Johannesburg has to Offer

ISA Gold offers the most convenient way to buy the best gold bullion, including the best Krugerrands Johannesburg has to offer. Instead of just getting a certificate of gold bullion ownership, you get the actual Krugerrands. This means having the security in hand, rather than having the products stored at a bank with just a certificate as proof. With such, the risk of losing your valuable investment is significantly reduced and you have the items available immediately, should you need to trade them for cash. Read More »

Invest in Krugerrands

Top Reasons to Invest in Krugerrands

Although many smaller investors are happy to buy gold bullion through exchange traded funds or paper investments, such as certificates, the more secure way to invest in gold is to buy tangible gold bullion from reputable suppliers, such as us at ISA Gold.

We offer you the opportunity to invest in Krugerrands in physical form, which will give you more security than certificates. If you have the capital available, buying shares in a mining company is also well worth the risk, but considering the risks associated with shares, such as stock exchange collapses, fluctuations because of world market influences and the eminent risk of losing your total investment should the mining company collapse, it is better to invest in Krugerrands and other gold bullion. Having the physical item means having an investment that is liquid, safe from market fluctuations and something that can be used as legal tender. Read More »

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