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ISA Gold Enables Easy Online Investments in Bullion

At ISA Gold, we provide you the opportunity to benefit from easy online investments in tangible items, such as gold and silver. Taken the recent and ongoing power outages, economic uncertainty and political unrest in South Africa, many investors are looking towards alternative means to Stock Exchange investments and savings, in order to secure their future.

Gold and silver are tangible assets that investors can store in safe places to use as legal tender in the instance of complete currency collapse. In times of political and economic instability, gold has been proven to be a solid investment and this is what we, at ISA Gold, offer you. Read More »

Best Prices to Buy Gold

The Legend of the Kruger Millions and Where to Buy Gold at Best Prices

Every country has its share of legends and South Africa is no different, except for our legend being one of great value. It all started with the invasion of Pretoria, the capital of the Transvaal Republic in 1900. However, before we explore the past in depth, let’s look at the present-day value of gold.

At ISA Gold, we make it possible for small, medium and large investors to buy gold at the best prices. Now, investors can shop online for gold bars and coins of value to diversify their investment portfolio. Gold is a scarce commodity and is seen as an excellent hedge against inflation and economic turbulent times. Indeed, gold is a safe investment option in times of war and peace. Read More »

Kruger Coins – Invest Today

Invest in Modern Kruger Coins Today

The origin of the Kruger coins in which you can invest today has a long and interesting history. The highly valuable coins form an excellent hedge against the effects of inflation, are recognised as legal tender and are minted in a standardised manner. All the coins have the required minimum level of gold and you can read more about the gold value and integrity of the coins under our Buyer’s Guide and the About sections. Read More »

Online Krugerrands

Buy Online – Krugerrands and Gold Bars for the Investor

Online, Krugerrands have become popular and affordable investment vehicles over the years. Indeed, the popularity of Krugerrands can be seen in the millions that have been sold already. As many as 60 million such coins have been sold and you can view the coins online from the comfort of your home.

Gold has always been a trusted investment and payment commodity internationally. Gold does well even during turbulent times, making it the ideal investment hedge against the effects of inflation. Read More »

Buy Gold Bars – Affordable Investment

Why Buy Gold Bars? Affordable Investment Tips and Answers

Buy gold bars to form a hedge against currency fluctuations, volatile markets and inflation. Indeed, if you are looking for an affordable investment vehicle then gold bullion is certainly the answer. We have answered a few of the commonly asked questions below about buying gold bars and why gold bullion is considered an affordable investment vehicle.

Should I buy gold bars or Krugerrands?

Gold coins such as the Krugerrands available from ISA Gold are ideal investment vehicles if you are looking for the most affordable means to invest in gold bullion. If the plan is to create a hedge against financial risks you will benefit most from investing in Krugerrands. If, however, you want to invest considerably in gold bullion for long-term security then gold bars from reputable traders, such as ISA Gold, will be the best option. Read More »

Buy Gold – Coins and Bars

Buy Gold – Coins and Bars as Investments

If you want to buy gold coins and bars you can do so through ISA Gold. However, we believe that informed decisions lead to better investments and as such provide you with the basic information below about gold coins and bars. Armed with the information you will be able to buy coins and bars from the comfort of your home or by visiting our offices in Sandton. Read More »

Buy Krugerrands – Invest

Buy Krugerrands – Invest in Gold for Profits

With currency fluctuations and volatile investment markets people look at alternative ways to invest. One way is to buy Krugerrands, which are considered the ideal hedge against inflation. Even when inflation causes money to lose its value, gold stays a good investment. Gold is a scarce commodity and the world resources are dwindling. This means the gold will gain even more value over the next few years.

Even when the price of gold fluctuates, Krugerrands are still a solid asset simply because you buy gold as a long-term investment. This means that small fluctuations will not affect your investment as much it affects stock market shares. Read More »

Sell Gold – Bars, Coins and Krugerrands

Find Firms that Sell Gold – Bars, Coins and Krugerrands

Buying up and storing gold for the rainy days have always been a popular type of investment and even in modern times, it is still preferred as a currency-alternative way of saving. With this precious metal being exceptionally portable and also accepted as a valuable commodity throughout the world, it certainly has its place as a valuable investment. Read More »

Krugerrands – Best Value and Prices

ISA Gold Sells Krugerrands – At the Best Value and Prices

ISA Gold, located in the Office Towers in Sandton City within easy access to the Gautrain Station, offers you the opportunity to invest in Krugerrands. We provide best value and prices, giving you the opportunity to get a solid return on your investment. We are committed to client confidentiality, ensuring your safety and privacy when buying gold Krugerrands, gold or silver minted bars, and gold bars.

Value of Gold Read More »

Krugerrands Johannesburg

Reasons Why You Should Invest in Krugerrands Available From ISA Gold in Johannesburg

Many associate the Krugerrands of Johannesburg with the year 1967 when the first Krugerrand was minted and became an investment icon. The coins, however, of which well over fifty million have been minted over the years, have a long and interesting history steeped in excitement and war. Read More »

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