Buy Gold Coins Sandton

Secure Your Financial Future – Buy Gold Coins in Sandton

There is a wise old saying stating that you should not keep all your eggs in one basket, which is still true today. Stock exchange investment is an excellent way to gain amazing returns, but need you be reminded of the stock exchange crash of 1929 or the more recent 2008 plummeting of share values, which also affected South African investors? Read More »

Krugerrands Sandton

Home of Krugerrands in Sandton

Sandton City, right in the centre of South Africa’s economic and financial hub, has proved itself to be the ideal location for our business premises. It is where we serve our esteemed clients who come to buy or sell this country’s premier commodity – gold – in the form of universally popular and globally traded Krugerrands.

In fact, there are more Krugerrands in circulation throughout the entire world than any other type of gold coinage, a remarkable achievement for an investment and collector’s product which was only launched as relatively recently as 1967. In turn, Sandton City’s Office Towers provides prestigious business accommodation, ample, secure parking and is moreover close to the Gautrain rapid rail flagship station, very convenient for those who prefer not to contend with road traffic. Read More »

Buy Gold (Bars and Coins)

Serious and Smaller Investors Support and Buy Gold

Serious investors who see the wisdom in taking a medium to longer term based on the performance of certain of their investments, are eager to buy gold, either in bar or coin form, or both. This is partly because of its enduring allure, per se, and partly due to its intrinsic value.

Our minted bars are literally worth their weight in gold, whilst our Krugerrand coins offer smaller buyers and investors the opportunity to collect this valuable commodity, since sizes and weights range between one tenth, a quarter, a half and one full ounce. Read More »

Krugerrands Sandton

Another Perspective on Krugerrands, from Sandton

Serious gold coin collectors and investors worldwide (and those who have called in at our office premises in Sandton) are familiar with this country’s highly valued Krugerrands, the most eagerly sought and widely distributed bullion tender globally, ever since its introduction during 1967.

Our Krugerrand, and gold and silver bar trading operation is based in Sandton, since this busy suburb of Johannesburg is at the very heart of South Africa’s economic centre. It is home to numerous corporate headquarters, the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, a multitude of office parks, retail malls and an affluent residential population. Read More »

Buy Gold Bars and Coins

Where to Buy Gold Bars and Coins

When gold bars and coins are mentioned, it is almost inevitable that those in the know will think of buying from us. Others’ thoughts may turn to vivid visions of swashbuckling pirates with shiny hoop earrings and a trusty sword in one hand, secret maps with directions to distant islands, where buried treasure chests overflowing with precious jewels and bullion might be unearthed.

Mankind’s fascination with gold, whether in the form of bars, ingots, coins or jewellery, transcends centuries, always increasing in value. It has been mined, extracted from mineral bearing rock, smelted, poured, moulded, minted, pounded, carved and worked into any number of shapes. Gold has been bought, traded, stolen and smuggled; people have gone to war over possession of this precious metal. Read More »

Gold Coins (Krugerrands and more)

Invest in South African Premium Gold Coins

Gold, in any one of its guises or forms, is extremely precious and has been for many, many centuries, but particularly if in coin form, since coinage is easily transported, is broken down into a smaller quantity for purposes of exchange and possibly has an additional collectors’ or historical value in instances where the money is old.

The proudly South African Krugerrand has firmly established itself as the world’s most widely owned and vigorously traded gold coin since it was first struck back in 1967 on 3 July, more than 47 years ago. Read More »

Krugerrands (The Best Prices Available)

Best Prices and Business Practices from Suppliers of Krugerrands

You have decided to invest in gold Krugerrands and this is undoubtedly a sound decision, because gold will always be a valuable commodity and is easily traded when you need to convert to cash or the prevailing prices make it attractive to do so. But why is our company your Krugerrand vendor of choice? The reasons are many, but let’s start with the buying process. Firstly, we offer the best prices available, a fact which can be easily verified, since the prevailing and fluctuating bullion price is published widely each day in all financial media. Read More »

Krugerrands (Buy and Sell) | IsaGold

Where Astute Investors Buy and Sell Krugerrands

Many countries worldwide still hold enormous gold reserves, even though all had ceased to use the gold bullion standard as the basis for their respective monetary systems by last year, 2013, but even so, astute investors are still able to buy and sell Krugerrands as and when they choose, one of the most secure forms of investment on offer today. Read More »

Gold Coins (We Sell)

Origins of Gold Coins We Sell Today

General consensus, based on research, appears to indicate that coins were first used as a method of payment between 500 and 600 BC. Of those, containing gold was first struck in Asia Minor (or Anatolia, the south western part of today’s Turkey) during the same period. Read More »

China’s gold market: progress and prospects

China’s gold market: progress and prospects

A major report published by the World Gold Council “China’s gold market: progress and prospects” suggests that private sector demand for gold in China is set to increase 20% from the current level of 1,132 tonnes(t) per year to at least 1,350t by 20171. Following the record level of Chinese demand in 2013, which saw the country become the world’s largest gold market, the report suggests that while 2014 is likely to see consolidation, the succeeding years are likely to see susta...

Read More »
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