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Authentic Krugerrands for Sale

FAQ – Authentic Krugerrands for Sale through ISA Gold in South Africa

We’ve answered some of the frequently asked questions about the authentic Krugerrands for sale from us at ISA Gold in Sandton, South Africa.

What is the cost of investment in each Krugerrand?

The price depends on the size of the coin. The 1/10thoz is the smallest coin with the 1/4thoz the second smallest, the 1/2oz the second largest and the 1oz the largest size. The price quoted is affected by the Rand/Dollar exchange rate, as well the current gold price. You will pay a small premium above the current gold price.

Where do the Krugerrands come from?

The authentic Krugerrands for sale through ISA Gold come from the Rand Refinery in South Africa.

What does the Rand Refinery Do?

The Rand Refinery Ltd is the largest single-site gold refining site with the sole right to sell authentic Krugerrands to dealers, like us at ISA Gold. The Rand Refinery supplies the refined gold to the South African Mint where the coins are minted.

Who Owns the Rand Refinery Ltd?

The major mining companies of South Africa are the main shareholders of the Rand Refinery Ltd.

Will I have physical possession of the Krugerrands that I buy?

Yes, you can collect the coins from our offices in Sandton or we will arrange courier delivery.

How secure are transactions with ISA Gold?

We respect your privacy and therefore keep transactions confidential. As a reputable gold dealer located in the Sandton Towers, we endeavour to ensure 100% secure transactions for the safety of our clients.

Can I buy Krugerrands directly from Rand Refinery?

No, the Rand Refinery only distributes the coins through authorised dealers such as ISA Gold.

What is the face value of Krugerrands?

The coins don’t have a face value. Instead the value is determined by the oz of fine gold content.

Can I use the coins as legal tender?

Yes, this is the beauty of investing in gold bullion. Krugerrands are amongst the most popular of gold coins in the world and widely accepted as legal tender. This ensures that you have a valuable alternative to normal currency.

Why invest in Krugerrands for sale?

The coins are standardised, certified and accepted as legal tender internationally. In addition, their small size makes it easy to safely store and transport the coins. Gold bullion is a well-known alternative to normal currency and used as a hedge against inflation and currency fluctuations. Gold is a scarce commodity and with resources dwindling, the commodity will become even more prized over the next few decades. Gold, because of its rarity and aesthetic beauty, is prized in the jewellery industry and one of the best investments that you can make for the purpose of leaving something of value to your children.

Is there a difference between investing in collectable and Krugerrand coins?

The most popular gold coins in South Africa are the Krugerrands and the Mandela coins. You normally invest in coins for long-term security, because the coin values will not change considerably within five or so years. Investment in such coins provides you with investment stability. Collectable coin investment is where you pay more for the coins because of the collectable value. Krugerrand proof coins are collectable gold bullion. These coins are not as easy to sell because the market is smaller, but at the right price, you will find a willing buyer.

Where and how can I sell my Krugerrands?

We buy and sell authentic Krugerrands for sale. Review our buying prices for more information. However, you can also sell your authentic Krugerrands to banks and other institutions. The first step is to determine the current value of your coin with which we can help.

What are the benefits of investing in authentic Krugerrands compared to that of gold bars for sale?

Krugerrands are widely accepted as legal tender and there is no VAT payable on the coins. The SA Reserve Bank underwrites the coins, providing you with a guarantee of the true gold content, and the Reserve Bank is also a guaranteed buyer willing to pay the full market value for the coins. The coins are lighter than gold bars and easier to sell. However, investing in gold bullion bars as well will help to broaden your investment portfolio.

Contact us for more information on our range of authentic Krugerrands for sale or view our product offerings and contact us to make a purchase.