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The Legend of the Kruger Millions and Where to Buy Gold at Best Prices

Every country has its share of legends and South Africa is no different, except for our legend being one of great value. It all started with the invasion of Pretoria, the capital of the Transvaal Republic in 1900. However, before we explore the past in depth, let’s look at the present-day value of gold.

At ISA Gold, we make it possible for small, medium and large investors to buy gold at the best prices. Now, investors can shop online for gold bars and coins of value to diversify their investment portfolio. Gold is a scarce commodity and is seen as an excellent hedge against inflation and economic turbulent times. Indeed, gold is a safe investment option in times of war and peace.

With the ability to buy gold bullion, the investor doesn’t have to own a mine. The gold sold at the best possible prices come from the Rand Refinery, where they only sell responsibly mined gold. With modern opportunities to become gold owners, it is no longer necessary to go on a treasure hunt for the so-called Kruger millions, supposedly hidden somewhere in the region of Ermelo, Waterval Onder and Machadodorp, or perhaps even in Europe.

Let’s get back to the beginning. The British forces and the Boers from the Transvaal Republic were in war mainly because the British wanted to occupy the mineral rich Transvaal Republic. President Kruger proactively collected the gold from banks and mines in the Republic at the start of the war and stored such at the National Bank and the SA Mint. When word came that Lord Milner and his troops were marching to Pretoria, President Kruger had to make a plan.

His forces would not be able to defend the capital and the Boers’ gold would land in the hands of the enemy. He collected the gold reserves of 1.5 million Pounds and in the darker part of the night, left by train for Machadodorp. When Lord Milner reached Pretoria a day after the 4th of June 1900, there was no gold to be found. President Kruger and his cabinet members fled and were on their way to Europe.

However, the legend goes that the Kruger millions consisting of gold bars and coins were also hidden on the train, which would become their headquarters in Machadodorp. The residents of the small town reported seeing Boers removing parcels from the train at night and they believed such to be gold.

According to Boer reports, President Kruger ordered the hiding of the gold in various areas of the Lowveld and may have already used part of the treasure to fund the war. He may also have taken gold along to the neighbouring country Mozambique and stashed it there, or have taken a large portion to Europe. The gold was never found and many treasure hunts have been unsuccessful until the year 2001.

Ermelo became the centre of collectors and treasure hunters looking for the bounty after reports were published in the newspaper of a Zulu family of farm labourers who had found gold coins on a nearby farm. They had allegedly sold the coins during the 1960s at mere scrap value.  Who bought the gold coins is still a mystery and the town councillors have sworn an oath not to disclose the exact whereabouts of the find, leaving treasure hunters with nothing to go on.

With renewed interest in the Kruger gold, more and more treasure hunters have tried to figure out the exact location of the Kruger millions.

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