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Bullion – Gold Coins and Gold Bars for Sale

Understanding Adverts Stating “Bullion – Gold Coins and Bars for Sale”

You may have seen phrases such as “bullion – gold coins and bars for sale” on the internet and may have wondered how you could invest in bullion. ISA Gold is a trusted supplier of bullion in South Africa.  We’ve answered a few frequently asked questions below to help you make sense of phrases such as “bullion – gold coins and bars for sale.”

Which Gold is the Best Investment?

This is a common question because bullion doesn’t only entail gold bars. You get gold coins and then some banks offer you the ability to invest in gold bullion, but you only get certificates for such. The best bullion to invest in is most certainly the type you can hold in your hand. If the bank folds, then your bullion certificate will not be worth much, but with gold in hand, you reduce the risk of losing your entire investment should the bank face severe financial difficulties.

When it comes to the choice between coins and bars, consider how much storage space you have, whether you have the finances to invest in bars or want to start small with single coins. With the Krugerrands, you have several Troy Ounce options and if you want to invest for your children, you can start with the smallest coins. If, however, you want to benefit more from low gold prices or have substantial amounts available, then bullion bars will be a better option. Do note that the bars are larger and not as easy to store and transport. Coins and bars are rather liquid and accepted as legal payment tender in many countries.

When is the Best Time to React to Adverts on Bullion – Reading Gold Coins and Bars for Sale?

Whenever you have extra cash available, you should consider diversifying your investment risks by buying gold bullion. Indeed, gold is seen as one of the best hedges against the effects of inflation and is generally considered as a type of insurance against financial risks. Timing is thus not so critical. Gold is not the best investment vehicle for quick speculation. It is rather a better medium to long-term investment.

The quicker you buy, the more growth in value you will be able to realise over time. Gold is getting scarcer and even with drops in the general gold price, you can expect the general trend to be upwards for the next few years. Having invested in tangible bullion will help to safeguard your finances against world economic, environmental and political crisis situations. You will, for instance, not feel the pinch because of a tsunami in a country such as Japan. Your gold will also help to form a risk hedge against currency fluctuations and possible currency collapses.

What Does the Typical Bullion Investor Look Like?

Although we certainly cannot give a physical description of every possible investor, the general investor is not the super-rich tycoon as portrayed in television programmes. Gold is a safe investment vehicle for smaller, medium and large investors. You get everyone from pensioners to parents, as well as serious investors and companies that buy gold bullion because of the security that gold provides. More than a third of investors rate gold as the best investment vehicle on the market irrespective of their gender, class, race, religion or age.

How Much of My Investor’s Profile should be Gold Bullion?

There isn’t a definite percentage to invest, but the general trend for diversification of investment risk is between 10 and 35% of your investment portfolio. The exact percentage will be determined by your concern about economic and political situations around the world.

Where Should I Buy Gold Bullion?

This is an important question because you want to be sure that the gold you buy is certified, standardised, internationally accepted and sourced from reputable sources. The gold we sell comes from the Rand Refinery, known for their high ethical standards. With an extensive range on offer and low premiums payable on the gold, you will most certainly benefit if you buy gold from us at ISA Gold.

Now that you know a little bit about gold bullion, you will understand the advertisements of gold coins and bars for sale. View our product range and contact us to make your purchase.