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Buy Gold Coins Sandton

Secure Your Financial Future – Buy Gold Coins in Sandton

There is a wise old saying stating that you should not keep all your eggs in one basket, which is still true today. Stock exchange investment is an excellent way to gain amazing returns, but need you be reminded of the stock exchange crash of 1929 or the more recent 2008 plummeting of share values, which also affected South African investors?

Money in the bank is not even as safe as investing in gold coins. If your bank faces a crisis, your money won’t be safe. It is for this very reason why an alternative investment to complement your current planning for the future is so imperative.

Savings accounts, unit trusts and bonds are superb ways to earn passive income, but the vehicles are volatile and you need more security than just currency. Fluctuations in currency value across the world and the recent USD Dollar scare are among the reasons for seeking additional ways to keep your money safe.

Volatile Currencies

Economic slowdown and various political uprisings, food shortages, wars and a changing world have a direct effect on the strength of a currency. However, gold is always in demand and because of the limited supply, the value of your investment in gold is to increase rather than being subject to changes in the value of the USD.

Scarcity Factor

Only about 20 grams of gold come from every 20 tons of rock mined. The chances of over-supply and, consequently, a drop in value are therefore extremely slim. With resources being mined to the full and limited lifetime of mines, investing in gold coins, as available from our offices in Sandton, means that you have a commodity that will only become more valuable with time since it will also become scarcer.


Investors have shown tremendous confidence in gold over the past year, indicative of the drop in confidence regarding the USD. The overall investment in gold coins and bars have risen steadily in 2013, and because of the ongoing uncertainty about the stability of the USD, you can expect even more investment in the scarce commodity over the next few years.

Effective Risk Management

Any experienced investor will agree that one has to minimise risk and investing in gold is one such a strategy. With trading in gold taking place 24/7 around the world, you have a liquid market. Since gold is also highly durable and has an indestructible character, it will outlast almost any other asset investment. Even if you compare gold investments to property investments, you have to agree that gold is less volatile. Property value rises unless an economic, environmental or political crisis hits. Then the sellers struggle to get rid of their properties because the banks are wary to lend money out, buyers struggle to get deposit money together and, because of a lower demand for property, the sellers see an extreme drop in their property value. Gold on the other hand, stays in demand irrespective of what happens in the economy.

Thinking of the Impossible

Most people don’t consider the possibility of a total collapse of currencies and although the chances for such occurrences are slim, one cannot rule out the possibility. When currency no longer has acceptable appeal, gold and silver are still acceptable. For such reasons you cannot go wrong in buying gold coins.

Long Term Value

Gold is used in the making of jewellery and various other applications. It thus always has a reselling value and because of the demand almost always outstripping the supply, the long-term outlook for gold is excellent. At present, newly mined gold meets at most two-thirds of the global demand. Since central banks no longer sell gold, there is a demand for recycled gold. Having invested in gold coins and bars will give you a competitive edge not only in the current market, but for years to come.

Gold Thrives When Currency Struggles

Whereas currency is vulnerable when it comes to expansionary monetary policies, gold isn’t affected by the credit policies of companies and banks. Gold is a solid investment whether the economy struggles or grows.

Gold coins available for purchase from ISA Gold in Sandton are the perfect investment vehicles. Located within the prestigious Sandton Towers and in the heart of the up-market shopping area of Johannesburg, we trade in gold coins and provide you with top quality investment opportunities.