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Gold Bar Prices

Gold Bar Prices and Tips on Buying

Looking for the best gold bar prices? Look no further than ISA Gold in Sandton City, Johannesburg. We receive our gold bars from Rand Refinery, committed to procurement of gold for refinement from ethical and conflict-free sources and suppliers.

Gold bar prices are determined by factors such as weight and purity. However, if you have a substantial amount to invest, then gold bars will most certainly provide you with the security of tangible assets.

What is Gold Bullion?

The gold bars are a form of gold bullion or ingot, and are made from refined gold shaped into a specific bar form according to the standards of the Rand Refinery. The largest types of bars are casted into large moulds and these bars are then referred to as ingots. The gold bars from Rand Refinery are minted and are aesthetically appealing. Available in 10g, 50g and 100g, the bars are still light enough for transport and thus safe storage. All the bars feature the Rand Pure trademark and are certified gold. The smaller bars, such as the ones available from Rand Refinery, are minted and stamped. As such, you have the assurance of the purity, source and certification needed to ensure that you have a valuable investment.

These bars are sold at prices with a low premium and should not be confused with the standard gold bars kept by central banks in 400 Troy Ounce weights. The kilobar weights at 32.15 Troy Ounces are sold at prices determined by the spot price with a small premium. The kilobars are normally flat and similar to the minted bars. The minted bars are hand cut to specific dimensions and the marks are made through special presses.

With the 10g bars selling at a price far below R10 000, you can easily invest in the minted bars for your retirement or to save up for your child’s education. With gold being a scarce resource, its value increases over time, since the resource becomes scarcer over the years.

You can expect an exceptional purity level of 99.9% at 24 Carat and will thus have the assurance that any bar you buy from us, at ISA Gold, will meet the high standards of Rand Refinery.

Investment Vehicle

Gold is still the most popular investment vehicle for risk diversification. With the gold price correlating to crude oil prices, gold becomes even more popular as an investment vehicle during periods of economic crisis. The metal is furthermore used as a hedge against currency deflation and devaluation. The USD and other major currencies are experiencing pressure because of the world-wide government deficits. With the practice of printing money to make more currency available in the struggling economies, the currencies lose their value. Gold on the other hand forms a safe haven. With such, gold is an asset that’s uncorrelated to other assets such as stocks. If the stock markets crash, tangible assets, such as gold, will be exceptionally valuable. You thus reduce your investment vulnerability when buying gold bars at the prices available from us at ISA Gold.

Other Bars and Coins

At ISA Gold, we also provide investors with the opportunities to invest in Krugerrands, which are widely accepted as a payment method in the international markets. The gold coins are minted to be aesthetically appealing. Being lighter than the gold bars, the coins are also sold at spot prices with a small premium charged.

We furthermore enable investors to diversify their investment portfolio even further through the purchasing of silver bars. These bars are SABS marked, indicative of meeting specific manufacturing and weight standards. For the smaller investor wanting to build their savings portfolio, the silver bars provide the best opportunities. These bars are available at very affordable prices, which makes them perfect for gifts and to protect against possible future currency crashes.

What Next?

We adhere to strict codes of conduct, including a standard of confidentiality regarding purchases made. View our full portfolio of gold and silver bars and coins, and contact us for more information on our gold bar prices, the background of the bars and to purchase the bars of choice. Don’t delay in securing your financial future through diversification of risks. Contact us for quotes and purchase information.