Gold Bullion

Affordable Investment Vehicle for South Africans

Gold Bullion that is Affordable

Gold Bullion – Affordable Investment Vehicle for South Africans

No doubt, investor confidence in the South African Rand is dwindling, but the same can be said about investment confidence in just about any currency in the world. With the recent Greece economic and political crisis in the headlines, people now start to consider alternatives to currencies. With Bit Coins making headlines, many consider the virtual world as their safety barrier. However, it is still a currency system and if you really want to be safe from extreme currency fluctuations and gain a trustworthy hedge against inflation, then it is time to seek affordable means to own gold bullion.

A word of caution though – certificates of gold shares are not the same as having gold coins in hand to protect against possible currency collapses. When you thus seek a supplier whom you can buy affordable gold bullion from, look for one that enables you to take physical ownership.

Gold Coins & Gold Bullion

Gold coins give you the perfect entrance point to owning gold bullion. Being more affordable to buy, you can quickly build up a substantial collection. Advantages of the coins include:

  • Standardisation of minting and the amount of gold included.
  • Collector and investor value.
  • Widely accepted as valid payment tender, as alternative to normal paper currency.
  • Physical ownership of the assets.
  • Lightweight.
  • Small and easy to store or transport.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Perfect hedge against inflation.
  • Tangible payment tender should currencies collapse.


One of the benefits of gold bullion, often overlooked, is the attractiveness of the coins. With such coins, you can present the bullion as gifts to family members on their birthdays or on any other special occasions. Simply buy the gold bullion in their name and provide them with an entrance point to investment. With such, you thus give an aesthetically pleasing, valuable, investment asset and something tangible at once.

Long-term Growth Potential

Gold is a scarce resource and with the world’s gold resources at risk of becoming depleted, the value of gold bullion will steadily rise. When you thus invest in gold coins, you make provision for the future. It should be noted that coins are not well-suited for short-term investment, as the back buying price is always a bit lower than the buying price at the same date. You will thus want to hold onto your gold bullion for a few years or wait until there is an international crisis which helps to push up the value of the gold bullion before you sell. With the coins, you are not overexposed to stock market crashes and can thus outride a recession simply because you have taken proactive steps in diversifying your investment risk.

Where to Buy?

The next question is where should you buy gold bullion including gold coins? The answer is simple – ISA Gold in Sandton, South Africa. We have a physical address and have a proven track record of gold bullion supply. All our products come from the Rand Refinery and South African Mint. This means that you can expect high-quality, standardised coins and will be awarded certificates to the effect. As an approved supplier, we adhere to strict codes of conduct, including confidentiality, quality and sources.

How to Buy

The first step is to select the product of choice and then you can adjust the quantity to the total that you want and then clicking on the Add Quote option. We’ve made it easy to keep track of the products with the View Quote option. Once you’ve completed the selection, use the Add Details option to complete your contact, address and delivery details. We keep the information confidential, protecting your privacy and security. Once done, you will receive an order confirmation electronically. If you are happy with such, you can make payment for the order for which we supply the bank details. Proof of payment is then emailed through. If we don’t receive such before 15h00 the same day as ordered, we cancel the order.

Payment is accepted via Electronic Funds Transfer or cash deposit at any FNB branch (add 1% deposit fee). You use the online order number as your deposit reference and then email the proof of payment through to us. Once the payment has been cleared into the ISA Gold bank account, the transaction is processed and we contact you for confirmation of the date for collection or delivery, and any special requests regarding the order.


Buy gold bullion the affordable way. View our products and place your order.