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IsaGold – Easy Online Investments

ISA Gold Enables Easy Online Investments in Bullion

At ISA Gold, we provide you the opportunity to benefit from easy online investments in tangible items, such as gold and silver. Taken the recent and ongoing power outages, economic uncertainty and political unrest in South Africa, many investors are looking towards alternative means to Stock Exchange investments and savings, in order to secure their future.

Gold and silver are tangible assets that investors can store in safe places to use as legal tender in the instance of complete currency collapse. In times of political and economic instability, gold has been proven to be a solid investment and this is what we, at ISA Gold, offer you.

Whether you already invest in stocks and securities, have saved a considerable amount in an off-shore account, or have invested in property, you will benefit from buying gold. With the Krugerrands being amongst the most affordable gold that you can buy to stock up for economic crisis times to form a hedge against the effects of inflation, you shouldn’t let the opportunity pass to diversify your risk.

Gold is far more stable than currencies and with gold being rather liquid in as much that it can be sold quickly should you urgently need the finances, you will agree that it makes sense to at least invest part of your savings in obtaining a tangible investment other than property. Although property is certainly a valuable asset, it doesn’t have the same liquidity as gold and silver. It is also a far more expensive investment vehicle, even though it provides security and long-term good returns. With it being more expensive, you will most probably have to apply for a home loan. The interest payable on the loan, in addition to property taxes, insurance, and maintenance, cause you to only get a solid return on your investment over several years, since capital gains tax is payable if you speculate with properties.

Properties are definitely worthwhile for long-term security, stock exchange investment for short-term and medium-turn return, and savings for immediate usage, but adding silver and gold to your portfolio provides you with the added benefit of having something tangible, should the bank where your savings are stored collapse, currency fluctuations cause the Rand to fall even further against the US Dollar, or political instability cause property prices to drop.

Available Products at ISA Gold

At ISA Gold, we offer an extensive range of silver and gold products to make it possible even for the small investor to gradually build up a reasonable investment portfolio. Some of the investment products available are briefly introduced below.


Buy Krugerrands as security or as a means to save up for your children’s education and to give them an inheritance. The first Kruger coin was minted in 1967 and the coin popularity on the international market has never lost its appeal. It is one of the most traded bullion worldwide. Made in the traditional 22ct rose gold, it features a unique design with the relief effigy of Paul Kruger on the observe side and the Springbok, South Africa’s national antelope, on the reverse side. The coins are available in different weights, ranging from as little as a 10thoz and a ¼oz, to ½ and 1oz weights. This enables you to buy the coin that you can afford and if you have a large amount in savings available, you can buy more coins. It is a scalable investment suitable even for first-time investors.

Gold Minted Bar – Loxodonta with Serial Numbers

Invest in the gold minted bars – Loxodonta Africana depicting the elephant as the largest terrestrial animal in Africa. The bar has a unique repetitive design featuring two-dimensional images of elephants all over the gold bar. Various weights are available and you can thus invest according to your available budget.

We also offer you the opportunity to purchase silver and thus diversify your investment portfolio further to manage your risks responsibly.

Ethical Trade

All the gold sold through us at ISA Gold are conflict-free and responsible gold, with all of the products being supplied by Rand Refinery, who complies with ethical codes in the purchasing, refining and distribution of gold and products derived from it.

Our Location

Our offices are in the prestigious Office Towers at Sandton City in Johannesburg, within walking distance from the Gautrain Station and near important freeways. Contact us for more information on how to buy gold and silver from us at ISA Gold.