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Kruger Coins – Invest Today

Invest in Modern Kruger Coins Today

The origin of the Kruger coins in which you can invest today has a long and interesting history. The highly valuable coins form an excellent hedge against the effects of inflation, are recognised as legal tender and are minted in a standardised manner. All the coins have the required minimum level of gold and you can read more about the gold value and integrity of the coins under our Buyer’s Guide and the About sections.

The Original Kruger Millions and Inspiration

Although most treasure hunts are associated with pirate tales, there is one treasure hunt that is still ongoing and has nothing to do with pirates. It all began during the Anglo-Boer War when Lord Milner led his troops to invade Pretoria. President Paul Kruger, the president of the Transvaal Republic, was in Pretoria which was the capital of the Transvaal Republic at that stage.

Upon realising that the British troops were on their way and that the Boer troops would not be able to ward off the offence, Paul Kruger made preparations for leaving the city. He and some of his cabinet members left Pretoria by train on the 4th of June 1900 in the middle of the night. They headed for Machadodorp, a small town in a mountainous area of the Lowveld in the present day Mpumalanga Province.

They setup offices on the train, which would become their headquarters in Machadodorp, until the time would come for them to leave for Mozambique from where they would eventually travel by boat to Europe. However, a legend developed that apart from housing Paul Kruger and some of his men, the train also housed the Kruger millions which should not be confused with the modern-day Kruger coins. According to the legend, there were gold coins and bars worth millions in modern-day value.

Lord Milner occupied the capital just 24 hours after President Kruger left, but found that 800 000 Pounds worth of gold were removed from the National Bank and the South African Mint during the five days preceding the British invasion of Pretoria. Later investigations would reveal that the total of gold lost came to 1.5 million Pounds. President Kruger proactively collected the gold from all the mines and banks in the Republic before the Anglo-Boer War, in order to prevent the gold from ending up in the enemy’s hands.

The story goes that a large part of the gold must have been used for funding the war against the British, but the remainder must have been buried somewhere or part thereof taken to Europe, and perhaps some thrown overboard or hidden on an island.

The main area where people believe the local Kruger coins were stashed includes the region between Waterval Onder and Machadodorp. The people from Machadodorp alleged that they saw small parcels being removed from the train at night.

If not enough of a legend, a rumour started in 2001 that a family of Zulu farm workers in the Ermelo district found 400 of the Kruger coins which became known as the Kruger Pounds. The family allegedly sold the coins at mere scrap value during the sixties to make a living.

The town of Ermelo was overrun by diggers and treasure hunters in search for the coins. However, the Ermelo town councillors swore an oath of secrecy to not disclose the exact location where the Zulu family found the coins. According to one of the town councillors, President Kruger ordered the hiding of the gold in the fields. It is thus possible that a large part of the gold treasure is still to be found in the Ermelo region, but the hunt is still on.

Modern-day Investment for Financial Security

Fortunately, you can invest in Kruger coins without having to go on a treasure hunt based on unconfirmed legends. We offer you various sizes and with gold definitely a worthwhile investment in peace and war time, you will be able to leave an heirloom to your children.

All the gold used in the making of the modern-day Kruger coins come from the Rand Refinery. With standardised sizes and gold weights, investors are assured of integrity, quality, weight and value. View the range available and invest today in planning ahead for financial security in future years.