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Krugerrands – Best Value and Prices

ISA Gold Sells Krugerrands – At the Best Value and Prices

ISA Gold, located in the Office Towers in Sandton City within easy access to the Gautrain Station, offers you the opportunity to invest in Krugerrands. We provide best value and prices, giving you the opportunity to get a solid return on your investment. We are committed to client confidentiality, ensuring your safety and privacy when buying gold Krugerrands, gold or silver minted bars, and gold bars.

Value of Gold

Gold has always been regarded as valuable. The first type of gold coin was struck approximately 550 BC and the coins became currency in various countries long before paper money became used. Even after the introduction of paper money, the paper currencies were still exchangeable for gold on demand.

Apart from its aesthetic value, gold is exceptionally functional and thus widely used. However, it is a scarce commodity and because of the difficulty of extraction, as well as the many resources required to locate and mine the mineral, it has tremendous value. Only about 20 grams of gold are extracted for every 20 tons of rock mined.

Buying Guide

The Krugerrand coins derived their name from President Paul Kruger, the last President of ZAR under Boer leadership. The backside of the coins displays a springbok, the South African national antelope symbol.

Krugerrands are measured in troy ounces. A troy ounce weighs 31.1 grams. The name troy ounce comes from a city in France by the name of Troyes where the specific weight was the standard unit.

You get the 1/10th ounce, ¼ ounce, ½ ounce and the 1 troy ounce.  The 1/10th ounce is 16.5mm in diameter with 1.19mm in thickness. The ¼ ounce is 22mm in diameter and has a 1.83mm thickness. The ½ ounce is 27mm in diameter and has a 2.24mm thickness. The 1 ounce is 32.6mm in diameter and features a 2.75mm thickness.

The Krugerrand contains 22 karat gold. The other two parts consist of copper alloy and give the distinctive yellow-orange colour of the coin. The copper alloy is added to help the coin withstand normal wear and tear over time.

Krugerrands are sold at few percentage points under or over the spot price of gold. It is one of the easiest commodities to transport, store and trade. You can also buy the special proof edition, which is only recommended if you are collecting coins. These coins are more expensive, but also have a higher value than the normal Krugerrands.

Why We Provide the Best Value and Prices

What makes us different is that we deal in physical bullion, giving you immediate security for your investment. Rather than just having a certificate, you become the proud owner of the bullion.  When it comes to Krugerrands – best value and prices are synonymous with the ISA Gold name. All of the gold products in which we trade are sourced from the Rand Refinery and comply with industry guidance regarding responsible and conflict-free gold trading, refinery and production of value-added products.

Benefits of Investing in Krugerrands

Whereas currency fluctuations affect the value of money, gold is exceptionally stable. It is aesthetically appealing, highly functional and very scarce. Because of these characteristics, it does not lose value and can easily be traded. Gold is an excellent hedge against currency fluctuations and because it is a non-renewable commodity, it will keep and increase in value over time.

Krugerrands provide you with an affordable means with which to buy gold bullion directly and to help save up for the future. The coins can become family heirlooms and instead of buying expensive Christmas gifts for family members, you can give them a valuable investment as a gift. Should financial disaster strike, they will have the coins as security, which can be sold to help them recover financially.

It is often difficult to save up money because of monthly expenses, but investing in Krugerrands will give you the opportunity to save up and build wealth over time.  Rather than risk losing all of your money should the stock exchange crash, you can diversify your investments by buying up Krugerrands in addition to your normal stock investments.

View our full product offering and contact us for more information or to buy Krugerrands at the best possible prices.