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Krugerrands Johannesburg

Tips on Buying the Most Affordable Krugerrands Johannesburg has to Offer

ISA Gold offers the most convenient way to buy the best gold bullion, including the best Krugerrands Johannesburg has to offer. Instead of just getting a certificate of gold bullion ownership, you get the actual Krugerrands. This means having the security in hand, rather than having the products stored at a bank with just a certificate as proof. With such, the risk of losing your valuable investment is significantly reduced and you have the items available immediately, should you need to trade them for cash.

Why ISA Gold?

True, we are not the only company trading in Krugerrands in Johannesburg. Many other companies also offer their trading service, but when you deal with us you know that you will buy “responsible and conflict-free gold” which comes from the Rand Refinery, known for their high ethical standards in procuring gold for refinement. We have a physical address in the Office Towers of Sandton City, Johannesburg, within walking distance from the Gautrain Station and near the main freeways. You furthermore have the assurance of confidentiality, which helps to keep your investment profile private and thus protected against lurking criminals.

Why Buy Krugerrands?

Krugerrands are gold bullion and have a long and interesting history dating back to the 1960s. The design, composition and production of Krugerrands are standardised, and you thus have the assurance that the coins purchased meet specific design and composition standards. With such, it isn’t necessary to get additional certification or authentication in order to trade your coins.

The coins are affordable investment vehicles. Instead of having to invest large sums at a time, you can start with the smallest coins and gradually build up your investment profile. This makes it possible for even the smallest of investors to develop an impressive gold bullion profile over time. Of course, buying in bulk will mean better prices and a faster return on your initial investment.

Krugerrands, as available from us at ISA Gold in Johannesburg, make for the perfect savings vehicles. Invest now to build an heirloom for your children or buy coins as the perfect 21st birthday gift. With savings in the bank, you will find it far too easy to use the money for holidays and other so-called essentials or perhaps emergencies. Although you can sell your gold to cover such emergencies, you will most probably think twice, since the coins are aesthetically pleasing, accepted as payment currency in many countries and tangible assets which form excellent security against financial risks.

With currency fluctuations, inflation and economic uncertainty, savings in the bank become vulnerable and banks unfortunately also feel pressure. Many banks have closed their doors over the years and people have lost their savings, even the items stored in their safety deposit boxes at times. With gold in hand rather than savings which become vulnerable in any such circumstances, you have a hedge against inflation and other economic factors.

Krugerrands and Johannesburg

The big gold rush in South Africa started with the discovery of gold on the Rand. With such, international interest was sparked and the Anglo-Boer War followed with Britain hoping to take control of the gold fields and land surrounding such, while the Boers under President Kruger wanted to protect their gold reserves. The legend of the missing Kruger millions came about because President Kruger commanded his people to collect the stored gold and he, together with the cabinet and other Boer soldiers, fled with the gold to avoid such falling into the hands of their enemies. Some say that the missing Kruger millions must be near Machadodorp, while others believe the gold to be stashed near Ermelo. With such a legend still going strong, the coined Krugerrands most certainly give you the opportunity to have some of your own gold, which can be used to build an investment portfolio or to use instead of currency.

Value of Gold

With gold being a scarce resource, the value of the metal is stable and increases as the resources become depleted over time. Gold is measured in Troy Ounces and there is thus a standard against which the coins can be weighed. We offer you the opportunity to buy single coins or bulk, with only a slight premium. The coins are minted in South Africa.

Buy gold Krugerrands in Johannesburg from us at ISA Gold and build your investment portfolio in an affordable manner.