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Krugerrands (The Best Prices Available)

Best Prices and Business Practices from Suppliers of Krugerrands

You have decided to invest in gold Krugerrands and this is undoubtedly a sound decision, because gold will always be a valuable commodity and is easily traded when you need to convert to cash or the prevailing prices make it attractive to do so. But why is our company your Krugerrand vendor of choice? The reasons are many, but let’s start with the buying process. Firstly, we offer the best prices available, a fact which can be easily verified, since the prevailing and fluctuating bullion price is published widely each day in all financial media.


We are completely transparent about our prices, which are posted on our website every morning, whilst we clearly indicate that validity is held until 15:00 on the same day. This applies to both the prices at which we buy and sell Krugerrands.

The Time Is Now

While there may always be a better time to sell gold coins because of price fluctuations and one’s natural desire to maximise one’s return, it is always a good time to buy and the best time is right now. Although analysts do their best to predict what markets are likely to do in the future and how they will perform tomorrow, the next day and next month, theirs is not an exact science, like hindsight.

If you are ready to buy and not in a hurry to sell, buy now and approach your investment as a medium- to long-term undertaking – then it is highly unlikely that you will be disappointed or suffer any losses. In any event, the wise investor spreads his assets across short-, medium- and long-term investment vehicles, placing their funds accordingly and gold is a solid bet.

Ethical, World-class Service

Our company (and all its staff members) prides itself on its discreet, ethical service to all of our investors and esteemed clients, without exception or compromise. Confidentiality is guaranteed when transacting with us and our goal is to ensure that our clients feel welcome, comfortable and enjoy their secure bullion buying experience in a pleasant, professional environment.

Central, Convenient Location

Gauteng is the economic hub of South Africa and Sandton, a suburb of Johannesburg, is undoubtedly the premier business and retail district of the entire country. This is where our premises are located, conveniently close to the corporate headquarters of numerous giants of industry and commerce, as well as the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

Sandton is easily accessible from major highway networks surrounding Johannesburg and for shoppers’ and travellers’ ultimate convenience, the Sandton Gautrain rapid railway station is adjacent to Sandton City shopping mall and Office Towers, which is exactly where you will find us.

It is interesting to note that the area where Sandton City and Office Towers are located is proclaimed as “the richest square mile in Africa”, in a particular company’s advertising campaign, and it is true, even though not all that long ago, less than 50 years, this area featured some large, leafy residential properties but mainly consisted of veld and smallholdings. People were known to ride horses for miles around the area, without encountering any dwellings or other persons, a far cry from the Sandton we know today.

Rand Refinery

Krugerrands are produced by Rand Refinery, our supplier and one of the world’s biggest gold refineries, handling most of the gold mined in Africa and serving the global market for this and other precious metals since its founding in 1920. Since that time, this concern has refined some 50 000 tons of gold, all extracted from the depths of Africa’s soil.

Like our company, Rand Refinery is known throughout the world for its integrity, untarnished quality and reliability, and their reputation amongst their peers, international bullion banks, coin traders and commodities dealers is impeccable. In addition to their refining activities, they also smelt precious metals and offer evaluation, logistics and vault services.

Furthermore, they are totally committed to ensuring that all gold, in any form, which passes through their plant is responsibly sourced and mined, conforming to the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas.

Confident Peace of Mind

As such, this means that our clients and investors are able to buy Krugerrands from us with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that every ounce or part thereof has been responsibly sourced and extracted, perfectly minted, and are on offer to them at the best available prices.