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Online Krugerrands

Buy Online – Krugerrands and Gold Bars for the Investor

Online, Krugerrands have become popular and affordable investment vehicles over the years. Indeed, the popularity of Krugerrands can be seen in the millions that have been sold already. As many as 60 million such coins have been sold and you can view the coins online from the comfort of your home.

Gold has always been a trusted investment and payment commodity internationally. Gold does well even during turbulent times, making it the ideal investment hedge against the effects of inflation.

Why Krugerrands?

Krugerrands are designed specifically for investment purposes and apart from their exquisite beauty the value of the coins cannot be ignored.

Investors benefit from the exactness of the weight measurement with the coins being available in weights of 1/10th, 1/4th, ½ and 1 Troy Ounce. Even the amount of gold in each coin can be measured exactly, giving the investor a vehicle that is completely measureable. Krugerrands are made from 22 carat gold and each coin contains 1/12th copper and 11/12th of 24 carat gold. Copper is added to harden the coin as 24 carat gold on its own will be too soft. The copper furthermore adds additional durability.

Though many types of gold bullion coins are sold worldwide, none can compare to the investment popularity of Krugerrands. The Kruger coins set the benchmark for other coins and are sought-after by investors across continents.

Long before Krugerrands were available online, the coins sparked interest amongst investors. The Krugerrand is only issued in South Africa, adding to its uniqueness. The first of the coins was minted in 1967 and the coin was originally only available in 1 oz, but fortunately for smaller investors the coin is now available in the ½, ¼, and 1/10th of an ounce. With the coins being available to the average investor online, trading houses and various coin dealers, one can easily invest in gold for long term financial security. The coins have excellent liquidity and if you thus run into cash-flow problems, you can sell the coins to the approved dealers.

Krugerrands, however, are not collector coins and their value is directly linked to the price of gold rather than the rarity of the coins. This means that even though millions have been sold that the coins don’t lose value because of the large market. The coins do, however, carry a small premium, but because the coins are accepted as legal tender you don’t need to melt the coins in order to determine value or trade in gold.

The coins, as mentioned earlier, are made from 22 carat gold with copper added. Their strength, beauty and durability are important features since you’ll want an investment vehicle that will be able to withstand environmental factors and still be worth their true value in a few years from now. Since the coins are so durable you don’t need any special packaging and because the coins are small enough to hide in a secure place, the risk of losing the coins because of a break-in is reduced.

Krugerrands are only minted by the South African Mint Company and this ensures that any Kruger coin sold online or through a gold dealer will be standardised and on record. The Rand Refinery is the sole supplier of Kruger coins and distributes the coins to various gold dealers such as ISA Gold. Rand Refinery has an excellent reputation regarding integrity, quality and consistency.

In summary, the investment in Krugerrands holds several benefits including:

  • Guaranteed weight and gold content ensuring that you get what you pay for and don’t have to be concerned about possible scams regarding weight.
  • Affordable investment vehicle that makes it possible for the average man on the street to save money long-term.
  • Standardised gold content of 91.67% fine gold with small amount of copper added.
  • Highly liquid investment vehicle since you can buy and sell the coins at various dealers of which most such as ISA Gold also have an online facility.
  • Small enough to store and transport securely without the need for usage of special packaging.
  • Preferred investment vehicle for smaller gold bullion buyers because of the ease of transport, storage and the liquidity of the coins.
  • Exceptionally popular design with the Springbok on the reverse side and bust of Paul Kruger on the front.
  • Low premiums on the coins.
  • Collector and investor value.
  • Hedge against effects of inflation.

Use our online facility for finding Krugerrands and other gold bullion or visit our head office in Sandton for purchases.