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Save – Buy Gold from ISA Gold

How to Save – Buy Gold from ISA Gold to Protect Against the Effects of Economic Instability

How to save – buy gold from ISA Gold as a trusted supplier of gold and silver bullion. At ISA Gold, we pride ourselves on our commitment to ethical conduct and endeavour to keep prices as low as possible. This means that you only pay a low premium above the gold price and can thus save right from the start.

Why Buy Gold from ISA Gold?

Apart from being able to save money because of the low premiums charged and the assurance of ethical conduct, you also have peace of mind knowing that we get all our gold from the Rand Refinery in South Africa. The gold weights are standardised and certified. The Rand Refinery only distributes gold through reputable dealers, like us at ISA Gold. Our offices are in Sandton Towers and you thus have a physical location where you can make your purchases. We uphold confidentiality of all transactions and thus commit to ensuring your safety and security in our dealings.

Why Buy Gold Bullion Now?

The world banks, stock markets and larger corporations are all interlinked. During the sixties, you could still find many independent and smaller banks. However, now most of the banks are large corporations, which are all connected somehow to businesses and banks in other countries. If an economic crisis occurs in one part of the world, you are not necessary safe from the financial repercussions, since the bank in the USA may also be a major shareholder in your particular bank where your money is saved. Likewise, many countries, such as China, now have interests in South African banks and any economic crisis in their country will also affect the stability of the local banks.

Currencies are no longer sure. Take for instance, the crisis in Greece, where banks have declared a public holiday period of six days, in order to prevent the entire bank system from collapsing. Upon news of a possible referendum, the public panicked and started to withdraw their money. The economy in Greece is exceptionally volatile because of the over-indebted state of its people. The country has to keep on lending to ensure that their economy doesn’t collapse. However, the people are no longer able to pay the debt and there is thus a stalemate. The banks in response to the panic closed their doors in an effort to keep all the money from flowing out. However, the people on the ground were unable to withdraw their money. Should the entire system collapse, then thousands to millions of people will face severe financial losses and even bankruptcy.

Greece isn’t unique and it has happened in Cyprus as well. In South Africa, the government had to step in to bail out banks, but likewise, the South African debt crisis is also reaching a boiling point. And this is a trend that can be seen across the world.

Purchasing stocks to protect your financial interests is not the answer, unless you diversify your risk by investing in property, stocks, savings, and in gold or silver bullion. Apart for bullion, the other solutions are all related to paper or virtual money, and as history has shown, the stock markets do crash when bubbles burst.

With stock markets mostly run by computers, we’re at risk of virus attacks and programming errors. This indeed caused tremendous financial losses for a stock market trading house a few years ago. The risk of just investing in stock or paper currency is simply too large to ignore.

Any political instability or natural disaster, such as the tsunami in Japan or the World Trade Centre 911 incident has ripple effects throughout the world economy. Countries have already lost complete faith in the US Dollar strength and from there, the development of the BRICK nations. One cannot ignore the signs. Only starting to buy gold only when the crisis is eminent means that you will not save. You will pay more because the price will go up quickly. It is thus better to buy in times of economic stability, to ensure that you have a hedge against inflation, possible financial disasters across the world, and to ensure that you have something tangible in your hands as opposed to a promise of value.

What Next if You Want to Save?

View the gold bullion options and contact us to buy gold from ISA Gold to diversify your investments.