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Sell Gold – Bars, Coins and Krugerrands

Find Firms that Sell Gold – Bars, Coins and Krugerrands

Buying up and storing gold for the rainy days have always been a popular type of investment and even in modern times, it is still preferred as a currency-alternative way of saving. With this precious metal being exceptionally portable and also accepted as a valuable commodity throughout the world, it certainly has its place as a valuable investment.

One way to find gold for stockpiling is by browsing the internet for firms that sell it – in the form of bars, coins and Krugerrands. This is called gold bullion, a term used in the past to describe the practice of melting gold.

With the world economy often going through slow periods, one needs an alternative to currency which is extremely volatile. Any political unrest and aggressive policies, natural disasters, wars and stock market crashes will affect the value of currency, but gold is less affected by such factors. Indeed, when people lose confidence in the stock markets and bank deposit systems, they turn to this precious metal as the best alternative to secure against the risks of normal trading. Experts consider this commodity as a hedge against any financial or political instability in the world.

Today, more than any other time in history, people realise that only relying on paper currency and stock exchange investments can lead to great financial losses. Apart from the potential of hackers getting into bank and credit card websites, and thus finding a way of collapsing bank systems, there is the ongoing risk that the US Dollar may completely collapse.

Gold bullion is a long-term investment and because inflation does not affect it nearly as much as other investments, over the long term you will get a handsome return. It is, however, not a good short-term investment and for such, we recommend investing in the stock exchange. That being said, gold bullion is a low risk investment and well-suited for novice investors.

You can choose between Krugerrands, gold coins and gold bars. Jewellery is another option, but it does not carry the same investment value. The coins retain their value the best because apart from the content, they also have collector’s value. Krugerrands are made up of 22 parts gold and 2 parts copper to give it strength.

The bars consist almost completely out of gold and are well-suited for the intermediate and experienced investor who has already built up enough wealth to invest beyond coins. The coins are measured in troy ounces, which originated in the middle ages from a French town by the name of Troyes where the weight system was applied.


You can expect to pay according to weight. When you buy gold bullion from a firm that sells bars, coins and Krugerrands consider how you will store the gold. If storage is a problem, then coins will be a better option. Various sizes of gold bars are available, ranging from 1-100 oz bars, and 1/10th of a troy ounce Krugerrand to 1 Troy ounce.

Where to Buy

Find firms that sell gold such as bars, coins and Krugerrands in South Africa, and that are adhering to ethical principles in sourcing their gold. ISA Gold for instance, we only buy conflict-free gold and all of the bars come from the Rand Refinery. You can thus be sure that the gold has the purity and weight level indicated, and comes from ethically compliant sources. It is essential to buy from a firm that has a track record of ethical conduct and has a physical office where you can visit. ISA Gold for instance, has an office in Sandton City, known for upmarket and credible businesses.

Review the company website and the comprehensiveness of the information that they supply. A company that has your interests in mind will provide you with enough information to make an informed buying decision. ISA Gold meets the profile and you will find a direct link to information straight from the Rand Refinery. We list the products available with complete information.

How to Get the Best Deal

Do a bit of research. First you want to find the current market price of gold and review the trends. Buy gold when the price is low and sell when it is high. Remember that it is a long-term investment and it is thus worth your money to be patient when it comes to reselling of the gold. Make sure that you get a receipt for any purchase that you make and set up your safe storage place before you buy gold.